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    UK may struggle to fill ‘jobs of the future’

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      UK may struggle to fill ‘jobs of the future’

      The UK could struggle to fill jobs of the future, which could include metaverse engineers, AI sports coaches and tech fashion designers, if computer science and artificial intelligence skills aren’t taught in schools, research suggests.

      According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Amazon, 72% of secondary school teachers are in favour of making an active effort to boost education around AI and computer science.

      Without it, 75% say they fear a long-term skill gap. However, 64% of STEM teachers said they had limited access to computer science resources – and this figure rose to 79% when focused on AI.

      Top 10 Jobs of the Future 

      • Paramedic drone programmer – an AI expert with medical knowledge to ‘teach’ drones to help emergency rescue teams
      • Smart-assisted sports coach – data and AI skills will help coaches measure player performance and welfare, predict outcomes, and adjust tactics
      • AI speech coach – help voice assistants and visual avatars become more realistic
      • Metaverse architect – create environments and activities to entertain people in the virtual world
      • Zero carbon transport planner – design and programme driverless public transport networks
      • Augmented learning technician – use AI and augmented reality to create state-of-the-art tools for teachers and their lessons
      • Agricultural AI engineer – help farm sustainable foods like synthetic meats and insects at faster and grander scales
      • AI creative skills producer – help creators enhance their music and art by learning popular trends
      • Community care technician – use AI to detect loneliness in the community, alerting care workers to who needs their help the most
      • Tech fashion designer – create the next-generation of sustainable smart clothing and wearables, like garments that can react and respond to the weather

      Tech roles feature almost entirely, suggesting a bright future for tech in our employment mix but it is vital that we invest now in upskilling our current workforce and training the workforce of tomorrow to enable them to seize these opportunities and maintain our place as a global technology leader.

      Here at Colossus, we see this skills shortage on a daily basis and work incredibly hard to source the best UK talent for our clients. Our team of technology specialists have a deep understanding of the UK tech sector and have helped hundreds of companies to grow their teams.

      If you’re a business looking to grow your team in 2023, you should get in touch and utilise our knowledge of the UK tech sector to recruit the ideal talent for your business. We can save you time, relieve the pressure on your time and ultimately save you money.

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