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    Daniel Knott The Top Digital Skills Tech Employers Are Searching For

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      Daniel Knott The Top Digital Skills Tech Employers Are Searching For

      With vacancies on the increase and demand for skilled tech workers at the highest it’s been in years; employers are increasingly focused on the skill set that every new applicant brings to the table.

      As with any industry that focus can change and new skills begin to take priority as technology evolves, which is why it’s important to know how to market yourself and what to upskill to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

      We have polled our clients and put together a handy guide of the top digital skills most sought out by employers. With this knowledge we can create profiles that showcase the skills you have, that are most relevant to businesses at the cutting edge of the UK tech sector.

      Programming, Web and App Development

      At the heart of any tech product or digital service is coding. The core languages that most programming and web and app development positions need includeBootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP/JavaScript, and MySQL. These skills are listed on a regular basis in the top 10 most in-demand by employers on LinkedIn.

      Having a portfolio of projects demonstrating your coding skills can also help to validate your knowledge and expertise, helping you to land your dream role.

      Digital Business Analysis

      Digital Business Analysis helps organizations to make the right choices by providing an independent and objective mind set and applying a range of proven analysis techniques to make a convincing business case for investment in a digital solution.

      Digital business analysis skills have become the hottest skills to have on your CV in the 21st Century. Digital Business Analysts are at the epicentre of digital transformation projects. They help organisations develop a digital ecosystem of technologies that will help drive digital transformation and business growth.

      Digital Design and Data Visualization

      Websites, Apps and Digital Services have one thing in common: a user interface. Any designer with experience creating effective and dynamic user experiences, will be in high demand with most tech companies.

      Designers can also visualize complex data to help management make vital business decisions. This skill is call data visualization. Data visualization is useful for senior leaders to gain valuable insights from data.

      Digital Marketing

      To promote their products and services tech companies will look to Digital Marketing. Understanding of how to get the most value for money out of the broadest range of networks will be key here. In-demand skills for Digital Marketers include:

      • Digital marketing tools
      • Analytics tools
      • Social media marketing
      • Content marketing
      • SEO
      • UX (User Experience Design)

      Data Science and Data Analytics

      Companies gather huge amounts of data that can be immensely valuable to them if they have a Data Analyst who can make sense of it all. Data Scientists are in-demand by employers across the world. Glassdoor constantly feature Data Scientists in their best jobs listing.

      Not only is Data Science an excellent career path for professionals in the digital age, but demand far outweighs supply, making Data Scientists highly employable.

      A recent McKinsey report showed that, “The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical expertise and 1.5 million managers with skills to make decisions based on the analysis of big data.” As data science becomes a minimum requirement for more and more manager level jobs, learning data science will help you position yourself ahead of the curve.

      With all the exciting new roles and opportunities out there, it’s even more important to make sure you have maximised your skill set and profile to ensure you come out on top.

      Our team at Colossus are in constant contact with employers of all shapes and sizes in the technology sector and have a deep understanding of how to make your profile stand outWe can provide tailored advice and target our efforts to specific employers on your behalf.

      If you’re considering looking for a new challenge or you’re actively looking, there is no better time than now to put yourself out there and secure a great opportunity.

      Our team are waiting to hear from you and help make this happen! With over 25 years of industry experience your career is in safe hands with one of the UK’s premier technology recruiters.

      For more information visit our website or search for our latest roles and we will be happy to arrange a conversation.

      Image Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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