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    Software Development – Colossus Career Road Map

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      Software Development – Colossus Career Road Map

      Thinking about becoming a Software Developer?

      One of the most in-demand tech roles for companies across the UK are software developers. In April 2021 alone, there were nearly 10,000 vacancies for software developers – 9,783 – compared to 5,630 at the same time the previous. Currently, software developer roles make up 1.05% of all advertised UK jobs.

      High rates of pay, the chance to develop many transferrable skills, flex your creative muscles, push your technical abilities and the opportunity to work remotely are just a small number of the key appeals of this career path. No matter your age, stage in your current career or technical skill, there’s never a bad time to explore this exciting field and become a software developer.

      So, what really is Software Development?

      People both inside and outside IT often ask what software development is.

      It is a process to create computer software using one or more specific programming languages that provides functionality to address business or personal objectives. The development of software is usually a planned initiative with a number of steps and stages that result in the creation of operational software.

      Hence a good definition is: “a process with a set of activities that create computer software products, including their design, development, testing, and deployment.”

      Software itself is a set of instructions or programs that tell a computer what to do. It is independent of hardware and makes computers programmable.

      What skills will you need?

      It is not compulsory to have a degree to become a Software Developer, there are many different routes you can take.

      You can use online videos and resources, you can take online courses, an apprenticeship can also be useful as you will gain hands- on experience in the industry.

      A degree in a related field such as engineering or computer science can be useful as traditional entry routes to the profession and detailed knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript and C# are essential.

      Recognised skills which will help you pursue this career can be problem-solving skills, time management skills, attention to detail, mathematical aptitude, knowledge of programming languages, enthusiasm for learning and self-improvement.

      It is also helpful to do your own research and participate in software development communities. You can complete online tutorials focused on coding and test yourself.

      Importantly, you need plenty of enthusiasm for the subject, technical skills can be developed and picked up if you have the aptitude, but you can’t fake enthusiasm.

      Top tips into pursuing a career in Software Development

      Choose a technology:

      Sounds straight forward, right? There are so many programming languages to learn and master especially when you are just starting to get into Software Development. Just remember, once you learn one programming language it doesn’t mean you need to stick to it.

      You can always master one language and then transition to a new one as your skills develop as some languages are harder than others, start with some of the more common languages such as Python, JavaScript, C#, and Java, but, if you feel passionate about this career then you will enjoy coding, your perseverance will skyrocket, and this will make Software Development as a career much easier.

      Finding a coding course:

      There are tonnes of free coding courses such as:

      Code Academy

      Solo Learn

      Future Learn

      Free Code Camp

      Using these courses will help you out with the basics. You can also repeat these courses as many times as you need so you understand coding basics thoroughly.

      Have a long-term goal:

      This will keep you motivated. Find something you aspire to do or something you want, every time it seems frustrating or difficult, remember your goal and remind yourself why you want to pursue this career.

      You could even have a certain new software idea and develop it; creativity runs wild in this industry and it’s important you embrace it.

      Find other people in this industry. It’s nice to have friends you can talk to about the industry and be able to have others relate to your achievements or your struggles. It is always more fun when you find people who are as passionate as you about coding.

      Link up with online communities and ask questions, pick brains, or collaborate with others and learn from them.

      Jobs in Software Development;

      • Game Developer
      • IT Consultant
      • Web Developer
      • Web Designer
      • Software Engineer
      • Cyber Security Analyst
      • Applications Developer
      • Multimedia programmer
      • Information Systems Manager

      Jobs where your experience can be useful:

      • Systems Analyst
      • Sound Designer
      • Forensic Computer Analyst
      • Database Administration
      • Application Analyst
      • Software Tester

      Typical employers

      • Financial Services
      • Healthcare
      • Media
      • Manufacturing
      • Government
      • Information Technology
      • Utilities

      How can Colossus Associates boost your software development career?

      With a team with over 35+ years of experience matching candidates with the best roles in UK technology, we know exactly how to match up your skillset with the ideal opportunities for you, linking you with employers who can develop your skills and maximise your goals.

      We have helped over 1,500 technology specialists to find roles across the UK and built client relationships lasting over 20 years with multiple placements, scaling up UK tech teams.

      Whether it’s Frontend with React, Backend superstars in C#, Java, PHP, or Go; Full-Stack maestro’s or Cloud Architects, we would also encourage you to speak to the team as they can offer you impartial career advice, calling on years of technology recruitment experience.

      One small conversation could open up a world of new possibilities.

      For more information go to our website and meet the team or look through our job board and apply for any number of exciting new opportunities out there. You can also follow us on social media using the links below and never miss an update.




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