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    Investment in Proptech Climbs to a UK record of 1.6 Billion Creating a Raft of New Opportunities for the Tech Sector

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      Investment in Proptech Climbs to a UK record of 1.6 Billion Creating a Raft of New Opportunities for the Tech Sector

      It’s been an exciting year for UK tech with the industry making huge strides in a whole range of new and innovative technology areas but one rather forgotten or at least underappreciated area is Proptech.

      UK Proptech investment reached a record £1.6bn in 2021 and has more than quadrupled since 2020, according to venture capital firm Pi Labs.

      Based in London, Pi Labs said 2021 UK proptech investment levels are more than 15 times higher than the £105.68m invested in 2016, demonstrating the rapid rise of the sector.

      This rapid growth in proptech investment is due to the creation of tech solutions in areas such as logistics, sustainability, construction robotics, and workplace wellbeing, all arguably spurred on over the last two years with the emergence of Covid-19.

      Global Proptech investments increased from £7.07bn in 2020 to £15.52bn so far in 2021. There has also been an increase in investment pumped into proptech solutions that aim to decarbonise the sector.

      Proptech investment is significantly growing, year on year, as the real estate sector is increasingly aware of the operational performance gaps that have been unaddressed for a number of years.

      As the UK real estate sector wakes up to the changes required to reach net-zero targets, landlords, investors, and occupiers are realising that technological adoption will play a crucial role in future-proofing assets and meeting sustainability pledges.

      This growth once again underpins the red-hot jobs market across the sector and provides plentiful opportunity for anyone looking to work in UK tech.

      Colossus is working closely with many large and medium sized technology firms across the country as they develop new roles to cater for these new investments.

      If you currently have a recruitment project underway, you would be wise to team up with an industry leading recruiter like Colossus, who can bring its resources to bear and give you access to a database of talent running into the tens of thousands.

      And if you’re currently searching for the right role, you need look no further than our team of tech specialists working with companies on the cutting edge of technology today.

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      Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

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