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    Data Scientist – Colossus Career Road Map

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      Data Scientist – Colossus Career Road Map

      Welcome to the 4th Article in our career roadmap series. Today we look at the role of Data Scientist, what it involves and the most common routes into an exciting career in technology.

      Almost every organization requires a data scientist, from healthcare, retail, and government. Data scientists take raw data from multiple sources and analyse this data to make informative decisions to boost profit, growth and ensure efficiency.

      It is predicted that the demand for data scientists will increase significantly in this decade, with an estimated 22% growth. This will mean an average of 3200 people a year in this decade will be employed in the role of a data scientist across the UK.

      So, how can you get into data science?

      It is estimated that 37% of current data scientists have a degree in subjects such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, information technologies and data science.

      However, it is a fact that you can become a data scientist without a degree. Gaining an early understanding of coding programs such as Java and Python can provide a significant advantage for you compared to new graduates and give you a springboard into the profession.

      There are many skills to learn when getting into data science. However, the top five which most employers will look for are:

      Data Visualisation– using graphs and maps to analyse data and give it visual context

      Data Cleaning– a process of removing data that is incomplete, incorrect, or corrupt

      Machine Learning– using algorithms to discern patterns in data sets.

      Maths– particularly algebra, linear equations, and advanced math’s skills

      Excel– used a lot in the industry

      There are also plenty of free courses you can sign up to, as well as read up on specific articles, listen to podcasts and YouTube videos.

      Some helpful links for free courses:

      Applied Data Science with Python | Coursera

      Free Online Data Visualization Course | Alison

      Introduction to R Online Course | DataCamp

      What career can this take you in to?

      There are multiple careers you can get in to with data science such as software development and business analysts. However, the careers which are specifically in the data science career road map consist of Junior Data Scientists, Mid-Level Data Scientists, Senior Data Scientists, and Data Science Managers.

      The Healthcare Sector is responsible for a huge amount of the worlds data and this is expected to increase from 30% to 36% by 2025.

      Supply chain management: data scientists in this sector use predicted analytics to make the supply chain more efficient and agile.

      Finance– the finance field involves forecasting future trends or market events and interpreting real-time data. Technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more essential to these processes.

      High end employers/ aspirational employers:

      • Amazon
      • Netflix
      • Facebook
      • Microsoft
      • Apple
      • Google

      How can Colossus boost your career path in data science?

      With a team with over 35+ years of experience matching candidates with the best roles in UK technology, we know exactly how to match up your skillset with the ideal opportunities for you, linking you with employers who can develop your skills and maximise your goals.

      We have helped over 1,500 technology specialists to find roles across the UK and built client relationships lasting over 20 years with multiple placements, scaling up UK tech teams.

      Whether it’s Junior Data Scientists, Mid-Level Data Scientists, Senior Data Scientists, and Data Science Managers, we would encourage you to speak to the team as they can offer you impartial career advice, calling on years of technology recruitment experience.

      One small conversation could open up a world of new possibilities.

      For more information go to our website  and meet the team or look through our job board and apply for any number of exciting new opportunities out there. You can also follow us on social media using the links below and never miss an update.




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