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      ESG Statement

      Colossus Recruitment is committed to always operating in a sustainable and ethical way and understands that customers increasingly look to partner with organisations that work to the highest industry standards.

      This document aims to outline the key ESG commitments Colossus Recruitment works to and highlight our continuous effort to improve our offer to the wider community and our employees.


      Colossus Recruitment will comply with all applicable laws relating to the environment, climate change and planning as administered by environmental and health protection agencies, local authorities, energy regulators and other relevant regulatory bodies.

      It will also take appropriate steps to avoid or mitigate the environmental impacts on areas such as biodiversity, ecology, air quality, noise, waste management.

      Colossus Recruitment will also seek to ensure contractors and operators apply appropriate industry standards and will ensure that data provided to energy and other regulators complies with relevant quality assurance standards.

      We achieve these goals via the methods listed below:

      Paperless office policy

      We limit all use of paper products and have moved to a cloud-based office vastly reducing waste and other related byproducts.

      Waste Management

      Disposing of any waste produced in an environmentally responsible manner wherever reasonably practicable, ensuring, wherever possible, that all products purchased are derived from natural resources and are from sustainable sources


      To cut down on waste, we discourage the keeping of hard copies of documents unless this is necessary.

      • Recycled paper will be used whenever suitable.
      • All reports, papers and company documents should be printed on double-sided paper to decrease paper use.
      • Employees are requested not to discard paper which can be reused as scrap, but to put this in the receptacles provided. Separate bins are provided for colored and white paper.
      • Internal mail should be sent via email; where hard copies are necessary, reusable envelopes and files should be used.
      • We will always aim to buy products containing/produced with recycled materials where these are suitable for the job, including refillable pens, re-manufactured printer and toner cartridges, folders, toilet rolls, kitchen towels and long-life products. Wherever possible, biodegradable, and phosphate-free detergents will be used in sinks, toilets etc.
      • Energy efficiency – Within the parameters of health and safety, we will minimize the use of energy.
      • Long-life low-energy light bulbs and other energy saving devices will be used in all areas.
      • All employees are requested to turn off the lights and/or any fans when leaving their offices or workplace unattended, to turn off the lights and fans in the toilets and other rooms when not in use, and to ensure that taps are not left running.
      • Electrical equipment (including computers, photocopiers and printers) should not be left turned on and running when not in use, unless there is a particular reason (ie left on following a request by the IT department in order to undertake essential maintenance outside of normal working hours).
      • Kettles should be filled with the required amount of water rather than to the maximum (if this is not needed). The dishwasher will be turned on only when full.
      • Our heating controls will be set to a reasonable temperature for the working environment.

      Relationship with suppliers

      We will establish environmentally sensitive purchasing policies and monitor the environmental awareness of our suppliers, ideally setting a standard with which they must comply.

      Communication and training

      This policy will be made readily available to all employees, clients/customers and suppliers and we will ensure awareness of environmental issues throughout all areas of the business through training and ongoing communications


      Colossus Recruitment is committed to conducting our business in a sustainable way and to contributing to the society in which we operate to leave a lasting legacy for Birmingham and the wider community

      To help us deliver on these commitments, we sponsor community projects and invest our time and money in local charitable organisations which deliver benefits to the communities in which we work.

      For our strategic community investments and sponsorships, we aim to create enduring partnerships, creating shared interests across our workforce and local communities, delivering benefits to each. To ensure sponsorships are relevant to the project, we consider opportunities against the following criteria:

      • Concerned with the West Midlands region and wider community.
      • Creates a tangible benefit to the community, charitable organisation, or group.
      • Supports in a sustainable way, taking care to consider environmental impacts.
      • Supports young people, organisations with a direct need or encourages the development of skills in technology.
      • Goals are achievable and can be monitored to ensure funds are used ethically and for desired aims.
      • Apolitical and in keeping with our equality and diversity aims.


      We allow each employee 2 days of paid leave per calendar year to take up a voluntary cause and contribute to a cause that fits with these criteria.

      Employee wellbeing

      Colossus Recruitment is committed to continual investment in our employee’s wellbeing and understand the importance of nurturing a workforce that feel supported and appreciated. We have a number of initiatives in place to achieve this including:

      • Online mental health support for all employees
      • 1-2-1 career mentoring and buddy support
      • Access to comprehensive healthcare and lifestyle support through designated healthcare providers
      • Flexible working programs to fit around individual needs
      • Regular company-wide activities and recognition events

      Diversity and Inclusion

      Whilst we fully accept our responsibilities under current legislation, we aim to go beyond this and to:

      • recognise that everyone has a right to their distinctive and diverse identity
      • have a workforce which generally reflects the community and customers we serve
      • understand how diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services
      • provide services that are responsive to our client and customer needs
      • provide all employees with the necessary training and development they need to contribute to our goals
      • provide a supportive, open environment where employees may use their talents fully and where they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, in an environment free from abuse or offensive behaviour, bullying or harassment, intimidation or prejudice regardless of a protected characteristic (age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race (including nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or philosophical belief, sex or sexual orientation) or additionally, any impairment, responsibility for dependents, social background or any other individual characteristic which may unfairly affect their opportunities in life.
      • Furthermore, we recognise the benefits of helping our employees to balance the responsibilities of their work and private lives.
      • Learning to work with people’s differences, visible or not, enables us to work together effectively and helps us to anticipate and meet the needs of all of our clients, customers and employees; to recruit, retain and develop the best people; to fulfil our legal commitments; and to act responsibly in the communities of which we are a part.
      • Living Wage Accreditation – Although we exceed the requirements of the living wage we have been recognized as a living wage employer and are committed to providing our employees with a wage that enables them to thrive.


      A clear overall structure of policies and guidelines is vital to our success, and we have worked diligently to build a strong foundation in corporate governance across the business. We are continually evolving with changes in regulations and our workforce and update our policies on an annual basis. These policies include:

      • Cyber Security Policy
      • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
      • Modern Slavery Policy and Statement
      • Equal Opportunity
      • Criminal Finance 2017
      • Business Ethics and Integrity
      • IT Policy
      • Risk Management
      • Covid-19, Fire and Health and Safety Policies
      • Diversity and Inclusion

      Living Wage Employer

      Colossus Recruitment have been recognised as a living wage employer and are proud to support our staff to live fulfilling lives inside and outside of the workplace.

      Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Membership

      Colossus Recruitment are a proud member of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. We are committed to supporting our local business community in the West Midlands and beyond.


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